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Hiring a freelancer and managing outsourced projects can be a nerve wracking experience. Nearly every employer who has outsourced work or hired a freelancer has had issues with missed deadlines, communication problems, or issues with the delivered work being very different from what was asked.

Filled with advice researched from over a thousand failed projects, The Employer’s Guide explains each of the steps involved in outsourcing a freelancer job site and the problems that are unique to each step. The last section of the book is devoted to common problems and how to prevent them.

Written by a technical arbitrator who specializes in freelance projects disputes, The Employer’s Guide teaches how to manage outsourced projects effectively.  Learn to:

A failed project wastes time and money. By learning from other employer’s mistakes, you can easily and successfully manage freelance projects and help your business grow.

With this book, you will:

  • Recognize bad freelancers before you hire them
  • Write project summaries that will attract quality workers
  • Prevent being scammed on oDesk, Elance,, and other freelance job sites
  • Learn what to do when a contractor misses a deadline (and what not to do)
  • Learn common problems and how to avoid them
  • Give quality feedback when testing
  • Avoid blackmail situations
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Before you buy a car it’s a good idea to consult a skilled mechanic. Jim Coutu is that mechanic for freelance projects. As a top-notch arbitrator who oversaw thousands of projects, his unique insights and advice are invaluable to anyone outsourcing work.

-Ian Ippolito
Founder and CEO of vWorker

I had great luck in the past and worked with some great contractors but I knew there were lions and tigers and bears (oh, my) out there.  Now I know what they look like!

- Dave Trump
Aniable Software


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